Slot Overview: Dream Drop Diamonds

Dream Drop Diamonds is the newest addition to Relax Gaming’s rapidly growing selection of progressive jackpot slots connected to the Dream Drop network, and it features a few visual enticements in addition to the chance to win progressive jackpots. The collection has both new and reimagined takes on classic games, with the exception of Dream Drop Diamonds, which is totally unique. Dream Drop Diamonds not only has a progressive jackpot, but also features a Diamond collecting with payouts of up to 10,000x and free spins with a permanent collecting system.

The universe of Dream Drop Diamonds is one in which luxury, leisure, and money are not just fantasies but actual realities. The game takes place beside a swimming pool in a luxurious home in the South Pacific, the Mediterranean, or the Caribbean. It’s a place with bright sunshine, clear blue water, and balmy breezes. An agreeably mixed EDM tune completes the mood, making it simple to close your eyes, lay back, and imagine you’re relaxing in a Saint-Tropez mansion.

Once you’re back on Earth, you may play Dream Drop Diamonds by betting anywhere from 20 pence to £/€100 every spin; the larger your wager, the more likely you are to win the progressive jackpot. The return to player (RTP) for this extremely risky game is 93.98%, with 12% of all wagers going toward the progressive jackpots. The monetary games are played on a 5×5 grid with 3,125 possible payoffs.

When at least three similar symbols appear on successive reels, beginning with the first reel, the player is awarded a win according to the regular methods paytable. Clubs, Diamonds, Spades, and Hearts are the lowest-paying card suits, with a payout of 0.3 times the wager for five of a kind. The premiums come next and provide rewards from 0.6x to 1.5x the stake for five of a kind, with jet skis, vehicles, aircraft, and boats making up this group. While they are not present in the main game, wild symbols might arise during the bonus spins and act as a replacement for normal pay symbols.

Slot Machine Features of Dream Drop Diamonds

The Dream Drop Jackpots are the main draw, but you can also enjoy cascades, Diamond Collections, and free spins here.

Success Snowballs

When a winning combination is made, all symbols contributing to that combination burst off the reels, and new symbols fall into the empty spaces they leave. After a win has been made by the falling symbols, the cascade mechanism will kick in again.

Gemstone Assortment

A ladder with various reward amounts sits next to the reels. When a Diamond symbol lands, it is added to the reward ladder and other symbols in the basic game fall to fill the void it leaves. The bigger the number of Diamonds found, the more valuable the reward. In regular spins, a win of 5x the wager requires at least 5 Diamonds, while the ultimate reward of 1,000x the stake requires at least 30 Diamonds. The base game’s ladder of collectibles is reset after each spin.

No Risk Turns

When 3 scatter symbols appear while playing the main game, you will receive 9 free spins, plus 1 extra free spin for every additional scatter sign on the board. Each Diamond symbol that appears during a free spin also adds one more free spin to the current round and boosts the Diamond Collection prize value multiplier by one, up to a maximum of ten. After being acquired, Diamonds now replace themselves with a wild icon. After a multiplier of x10 has been reached, all further Diamond wins will result in free games. The current position on the Diamond collection ladder is preserved from the spin that triggered the bonus, and the ladder is not reset in between free games.

Bonus Dream-Drop

When the spin button is hit, Jackpot Spins may activate at random. It occurs before the standard spin on a five-reel, five-row grid that results in just double doubles or empty spaces. After one spin, players will enter the Dream Drop Bonus if the DD symbols appear on all five reels. Each of the five jackpots has its own row from lowest to highest in the Dream Drop Bonus slot, which is likewise a 5×5 machine. The grid fills with DD symbols and blocks until no more DD symbols can be added. Inter-spin block destruction causes DD symbols to drop to the bottom reel. When the reels stop, the reward row with the most DD symbols wins. There are a variety of jackpots available, including the €1, €5, €100, €25,000, or €500,000 Rapid, Midi, Maxi, Major, or Mega Jackpot. The eventual limit of the Mega Jackpot is set to be €10,000,000.

Slot Review: Dream Drop Diamonds

The addition of Dream Drop Diamonds to the Dream Drop line is a welcome one. As an added bonus, it provides a brand new setting in which players may test their luck at Relax Gaming’s progressive jackpot network. The developers also nailed the luxurious lifestyle element; Dream Drop Diamonds exudes opulence because to its privileged site and choice of high-paying, high-value emblems, such as a golden private plane. A golden super yacht, which Dream Drop Diamonds also has, is an acceptable substitute. This might be the push you need to try for that progressive jackpot.

Not that many people playing for the jackpot need any more incentive, but here it is nonetheless. The non-jackpot parts of Dream Drop Diamonds are also well-made. However, it was not easy to progress high up the Diamond Collection ladder, either during the main game or during the free spins. However, it was not uncommon to win more free spins and climb the ladder by landing a few scatter symbols. This implies that, if you can speed up the gathering process, the ladder may provide some respectable wins. The maximum payout is 10,000 times the initial wager if all levers are pulled, which requires 10 times the ladder and 30 diamonds.

Not simple, but neither is trying to win a Mega Jackpot, which is why most people will wait in line for a chance to play Dream Drop Diamonds. Dream Drop Diamonds is a good option for jackpot hunters who want to try their luck at winning some serious cash while immersed in a luxurious setting.






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